Tramutola | Advisors have helped hospitals and healthcare districts throughout the state achieve specific goals. We help hospitals build public trust and community support, overcome community opposition to construction projects, improve communications with employees and the community, and plan and coordinate tax elections.


Organization Type of Measure Passage Rate
Alameda County Medical Center .05¢ sales tax increase 70.90%
Alameda Hospital $298 parcel tax/no sunset 68.60%
Cascade Valley Hospital (Arlington, WA) $42.5 million G.O. Bond 72.32%
El Camino Hospital $148 million G.O. Bond 80.80%
Grossmont Hospital $247 million G.O. Bond 77.47%
Hazel Hawkins Hospital $31 million G.O. Bond 77.30%
Kaweah Delta Hospital $51 million G.O. Bond 70.10%
Lompoc Healthcare District $74.5 million G.O. Bond  87.00%
Marin General Hospital $394 million G.O.  Bond 68.49%
Oak Valley Healthcare District $37 million G.O. Bond 77.80%
Plumas Healthcare District $17.5 million GO Bond 77.64%
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital $108 million G.O. Bond 75.90%
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital $49 parcel tax renewal/10 yrs 72.68%
Tahoe Forest Hospital District $98.5 million G.O. Bond 72.10%
Tulare Local Healthcare District $85 million G.O. Bond  83.00%
Valley Medical Center (Renton, WA) 0.59¢ M & O Levy 54.00%
Washington Hospital Health System $186 million G.O. Bond 73.38%
Washington Hospital Health System $190 million G.O. Bond 70.40%
West Contra Costa Healthcare District $52 parcel tax/no sunset 84.00%


TRAMUTOLA provided Lompoc Healthcare District with the strategic planning and leadership that was critical for us to pass our bond. Hindsight is always 20:20, but one of the best decisions the Board of Directors made was to hire TRAMUTOLA to assist us with passing Measure E.

-Jim Raggio – CEO, Lompoc Hospital